Police Unleash Attack Dogs on Unarmed Man

The short, raw video appears to show police dogs attacking a defenseless man in a field as uniformed officers stand by. The footage shows a man later identified as Paul Willie, sitting on the ground as several dogs continually bite at him. Willie can be seen running away at the end of the clip.

In a later interview with ABC News for Australia Network, Willie says drunk officers picked him up after he purchased a bottle of alcohol, accused him of drug trafficking, put him in a cage with a police dog, drove him to a remote location, and let the dogs attack him until he ran away and hid for several hours. Based on the apparent lack of other bystanders, it appears that the video was shot by one of the officers or a person with them. It is unclear how the footage first emerged online.

The police in Papua New Guinea announced an investigation after the footage spread on social media and mainstream news outlets. Amnesty International called for a full independent inquiry into the incident. Local civil society groups and NGOs have pointed to the video as an example of abuse that is part of a pattern of police violence.

In the later interview, Willie said he was initially scared of retribution but decided to lodge a complaint against the police after the video gained media attention and he saw it himself.