Officer Shoots & Kills Unarmed Man

A police killing in rural Jamaica was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube. The video shows the fatal shooting of a man who was laying on the ground, surrounded by a crowd, with no visible weapons but the rocks at his side, made headlines in Jamaica and unmasked the lies in the police department’s press release that described an officer shooting in self-defense. The cell phone footage exposed irrefutably the police violence that most Jamaicans are aware of, but that is characterized by a pattern of impunity.

At first, the video seemed to make a difference. After it emerged on YouTube and spread across national media, the sergeant was charged with murder and the police department shook up its internal review board.

But when the murder case went to trial in 2013, the video was not used as evidence. Prosecutors explained to the media that the witness who filmed it did not come forward and hence, they could not verify the video's authenticity. The post-mortem also went missing, and in the end, the court upheld the defense's no case submission, meaning there was not enough evidence to bring a case against the officer. The policeman was freed.