Police Beat Protesters at Peaceful Rally

A peaceful rally in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria, commemorating the Berber Spring, ended in violent clashes with police. Videos show police dragging protestors and beating them with batons. They also show activists chanting and throwing objects at lines of police.

Footage of police violence spread on Twitter. One video in particular garnered the attention of Algerian politicians, who condemned the suppression of demonstrations. The national security service announced an inquiry, stating, "The contents of the video shows actions that are unacceptable and damage the reputation of the police force, whatever their motivations."

Algerian media reported that the filmer of that video was also being investigated--a claim which the Ministry of the Interior denied.

A year later, the video that apparently prompted the investigation has been removed from YouTube. Other videos from the protest and police violence remain online. It is unclear what came of the official inquiry into the documented abuse.