Officers Torture Inmates in Field

In an extremely graphic video, police viciously beat two captive, handcuffed men in the back of a truck. The filmer is unknown but may have been another police official with the group.

Immediately after the video’s release, three officers were reportedly fired, and the police department said they were investigating the case.

A couple recognized the face of one of the victims in the video as their son, Iowane Benedito, and the police force confirmed that he was an escaped detainee who had been recaptured along with three others.

Two years after the video emerged, Fiji's Police Commisioner Ben Groenewald told the media that the police investigation had been completed and submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions. In October, 2015, three police officers and two military personnel were charged with unlawful and indecent assault.

The video reportedly motivated Fijian student activists to launch an initiative to film police abuse called Say Nothing, Video Everything.