Man Dragged By Police Van Declared Dead in Jail

Mido Macia was a 27-year-old Mozambican taxi driver in the Daveyton township near Johannesburg who was confronted by police officers after parking illegally. Macia was arrested. An eyewitness video begins with Macia already hooked to the back of the van and officers attempting to put him in the back doors. The officers involved maintained that his handcuffs accidentally got caught on the back of the vehicle, but the video shows officers present, observing, and not stopping the driver as he is initially dragged away. Hours after his arrest, Macia was found dead in his jail cell of internal and external injuries.

The video was posted online by the newspaper, The Daily Sun. Protesters staged rallies against police brutality in Daveyton and across the country. South African president Jacob Zuma called on the police to protect human rights, though he described Macia’s arrest as an isolated event.

Nine officers were charged in connection to Macia’s death, though one was later acquitted. After several delays, the trial of the remaining eight officers began in July of 2015. Bystander footage was played in court, contradicting officers' descriptions of the arrest. After a month-long trial, all eight officers were found guilty of murder.